DIGISKAN, the Right Key for your perfect Scan

Phosphor Plate Scanner

NEW LIFE RADIOLOGY presents DIGISKAN, the ultimate phosphor
plate scanner. If you want to switch from film to digital without
having to give up your tried-and-true working methods, imaging
plate technology offers you a myriad of possibilities. You can
experience many of the advantages of digital imaging without a
darkroom and chemicals while your team continues its regular
workflow. DIGISKAN integrates seamlessly into your practice and
also with NEW LIFE RADIOLOGY X-ray units to deliver better, safer
and faster intraoral diagnostics.


• Attractive design & Compact: our Designers developed a really
attractive design which makes DIGISKAN one of the more goodlooking PSP in worldwide dental market. The device itself is one of
the most compact on the market, so it fits even in confined work
environments. During its conception, special attention was given to
the unit’s width, because that’s what matters to keep your counter
space as free as possible for other work.

• Simple: Connect DIGISKAN to your PC and start scanning: just
insert the plate into the slot and the device automatically recognizes
the plate’s size and HD images (1080p) will be in your pc in few

• Fast: Super results in an instant: exceptional, high quality and
sharp images can be obtained within a few seconds, allowing a
clinical diagnosis to be made very quickly.

• Reliable: DIGISKAN perfectly works with your traditional AC or
DC X-Ray generator, providing high quality images for accurate

• Easy-to-operate & Cost-effective: Reader enables getting clear HD
images repeatedly using the same plate, with no film processing
extra cost; no chemicals, film processor or dark room needed.

• Multi-functional & Smart:
Scan, erase and scan again: with DIGISKAN and its special
plates, you could scan up to 2000 times for every plate.
Sensing: security & lossless guaranteed by touching control tray
for pushing in dental films.
No Scratch: the plate-insertion mechanism was designed so that
the imaging plates are not under load. During the scan process
itself, a laser-based scanning process prevents any scratch. This
way, your plates have an extremely long life – for optimal picture
quality and less plate orders even with constant use.
Optimizing: auto-adjusting optimal contrast & brightness.
Energy-saving: auto-switch over energy-saving mode when a
device stops using.
Unlimited connections: once DIGISKAN is connected to
PITAGORA Software, you’ll have unlimited connections and
multiple users.