The best CMOS technology with an ergonomic design able to
adapt easily the anatomy of the oral cavity.
DIGISENS is an innovative, flexible, very resistant sensor able to
produce high quality images.
DIGISENS is Immediately Operative
– Easy to install, handle and transport
– It produces high quality images in real time.
– Images can be stored in your PC, saving space and time.
– Our Imaging Software can easily manage images stored.
DIGISENS in 2 sizes
– Size 1 – Active area of 30×20 mm
– Size 2 – Active area of 33×25 mm
Our Intraoral sensor produces perfect , high quality images with
excellent resolution (20lp/mm) without the use of traditional
films, no waiting and with very short exposure time. Images are
directly sent to your screen.
Our Imaging Software is a dynamic and intuitive system.
It guides the user through its practical content by rapidly
highlighting its essential functions